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But the cashier will hate it. Can you imagine the long line on the check out counter. Sometimes here the stores they just have a few check out counter opened.

Celebrating True Filipino Goodness

That would be hell for everyone waiting though. I really wish grocery coupons were available in the Philippines. Here in the philippines? Andthe filipinos they have a bad attitude instead they will give the coupon for free, they will sell it hahaha…. Hi Feyma, We have coupons here,but not on a grand scale like the US. If i need one off items i search the net for the best deals,or go and barter at the store lol. I wish we had that here. The discounted stuff here in the Philippines is too different than there. Sempre importante ng usap Tagalog di ba?

Filipinos, even in the past for many hundreds of years ago, have always been discriminated or underestimated. But the fact is, Filipinos are known for being gumptious or resourceful, and others could not accept that due to their own negative mindsets. Filipinos will definitely seize every fighting chances. But when probabilities are slim, they will surely make one. There is always a way to inspire ourselves to do it and make it happen. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.

Hi Feyma, Now for the real truth on mass couponers from a grocery clerk. Do you really want to see that much salt and sugar in your kids? Most of the coupons are for the worst junk food that you could buy. Some are ok but you can save more money by buying store brands here and usually the quality of the store brands is higher than the mass advertised brand. Those people who spend so much time on coupons figure now value on the time sorting the coupons and hunting them down.

Totally agree with you, i think with store brands you really save alot of money and alot of the store brands are actually made by the national brands. As far as I know, there are no store brands in the Philippines. I know that I have never seen them before. Hi donm. A lot of the stuff they bought its not even food. Hats off to them. They just are smart shopper.

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Well, if you had the money to spend the expensive stuff go for it. The people on the show just want to saved. Nothing wrong with that. Coupons are marketing ploys. A sutdy was done in the US in that they determined the average shopper actually spends more because they are buying items they really dont need pr they go out of their way to find the store and waste gas. Rarely see coupons on milk, eggs, etc, on staples.

Like the above Don, shopping store brands are better. Also, the store I shop has a decent scanner so if the coupons were store coupons and in the system, then should not be a problem.


Hi Don — The people on the show that we watched they make a list of stuff what they want to buy ahead of time. They know what to do. For every coupon used there is a price to pay on something else. If you were back in the US living you would probably be too busy working to collect coupons. Hi Jim — True… With the bad economy right now, I will do something to help feed my family.

If I had to spend a lot of time cutting coupons? Hey why not. That show is ticking off a lot of stores and manufacturers and some are already taking steps to put a stop to that sort of loophole in their profits. Some stores are now limiting the amount of coupons, things like that. Hi Rich Rich Bowen — I think even with the limited store coupon accepted in the stores those coupon guru still knows how to saved a ton of money. Hey, with the limited coupon your brother might be out of supply and can park his car inside his garage anytime soon.

Honestbee Offers

Hi maam Feyma! Like you i want to try this couponing shopping, since you posted this article i browsed on YT and found so many videos about couponing and for normal people too. But, couponing is not a hit here in Japan, we have news paper everyday with commercial flyers for big discount items of different stores No coupons! Always make a memorable starting with a great discount.

Online Voucher Codes & Discount Coupons

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Online Shopping in Philippines - Saving the best Deals | Unlideals

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