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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Feb 14, I wanna keep it since I like using the onstar app for nav and remote start, and the peace of mind that I can get someone if I need to help.

What is Vauxhall OnStar?

Has anyone figured out a way to get them to discount it like you can do with SiriusXM? Joined Mar 10, Tell em you quit cause its too pricey, see what happens. Joined Feb 25, At least some of the functionality of the OnStar app doesn't require a paid subscription. Joined Apr 19, Wait a little longer. I got a email 8 days before termination date. With another deal. It's important for you to know that when your trial expires, OnStar will no longer be able to provide help in an emergency or any other situation. Select your preferred service plan today.

Call 1. Joined Apr 10, Just be careful with them if you don't want your credit card on file make sure they remove it.

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I renewed my contract for my last car and didn't want my card on file after a hearing wasn't going to renew got my bank statement come to find out they had kept my card on file and they had been deducting monthly payment from my card I ended up calling and complaining they refunded my money which turned out to be 3 months then they gave me 6 months free plus my calling minutes carried over. During free term went to make call I had no minutes called they gave me free minutes and another 3 months free. Joined Mar 23, The whole your phone minutes expire thing needs to die.

Onstar Renewal Discount

Joined Nov 14, They have your credit card on file and you cannot remove unless they are called.. I found this out this week as I tried logining on and doing myself through On-Star website.. No Luck.. I will wait as I'm sure they can offer less.. So to make sure your credit card is NOT charged the top monthly rate just make sure they remove and cancel the membership after the 6mo trial period..

You can alway call them to re-activate a new deal..

More Connected. More Protected.

I never gave them a credit card to begin with. Don't know why anyone would. I said thanks for insulting me and hung up.

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F that. I do use the onstar mobile app for sending addresses to my Nav so I'll miss that I guess. Joined May 10, It's cheaper if you pay 12 months at a time rather than monthly.

I got a good deal because for the first 5 months of owning my Onstar service dissapeared, they said they had no record and started me all over for a new 6 months. So,, I guess I got 5 months free. Joined May 18, I've never used or bought OnStar services, not that some of what they offer isn't of value. Why would an SS owner buy the full blown package?

The car already has built-in Navigation. As for just getting the basic Safe and Sound package which gives you OnStar Emergency, Connections, Diagnostics and Security services, I have to ask why to those as well? First and foremost, let's not kid ourselves, OnStar is monitoring our vehicles whether we are paying for a plan or not.

Second, wouldn't you think that if a monitoring station had an alarm go off due to an airbag deployment that it would automatically trigger a call to the local dispatch center. For crying out loud, dispatch has to answer and process every butt-dialed cell phone call now. You mean to tell me if OnStar sees an airbag alarm they first check to see if the customer has made his monthly payment before calling emergency services? As for the Security services - again, why should it be an extra charge? If the vehicle is involved in a crime, law enforcement will be the only ones OnStar is going to give that information to.

And if law enforcement asks OnStar for it, do you think they are going to say, sorry, but the customer didn't make his monthly payment so we won't give it to you. I highly doubt it. We use cookies We use cookies to give you the best online experience. View cookie policy Agree. Home What is Vauxhall OnStar? What is Vauxhall OnStar? Click on any of these 7 areas for more information Automatic Crash Response What would you do if you had an accident and couldn't call for help?

Re: OnStar Renewal Costs

The extra powerful roof antenna gives you a stable, quick internet connection for up to seven devices Smartphone Function Lock or unlock the doors, check oil and fuel levels or send destination details straight to your Vauxhall's navigation system. Stolen Vehicle Assistance If someone steals your car, OnStar can help find it and remotely block the ignition.

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Vehicle Diagnostics Whenever you want, you can ask OnStar to remotely chedk the health of your car. Destination Download No more tedious typing addresses! Privacy OnStar is only active as long as you want it to be.

Vauxhall OnStar will only override this request in an emergency. Vauxhall OnStar will never sell on your information. Terms and conditions Please note: OnStar is ceasing to supply the services to OnStar equipped Vauxhall cars and vans after 31 December We think you might like. New Vehicles Browse our selection of brand new vehicles available at Drive. Search new vehicles. Book a service. Your local dealership We have 16 locations covering the country.

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