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When Honey starting growing, it moved fast
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  4. Honey App Reviews 2018 – (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)

Honey Coupon Review: Instantly Get Every Promo Code at Checkout

How does Honey make money? Honey gets a cut from the companies you purchase from. Their cut comes from the retailer and not you. You pay less money and Honey gets paid a commission for referring business.

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So yes — Honey is completely legitimate. Forbes listed Honey as a useful shopping app that will save you money. There are several other major news sources that have researched and reviewed Honey. Currently, there are over 10 million people using Honey. As you can see, Honey has many good reviews.

Honey: Never Search For A Coupon Code Again

One of the concerns people often have is about data collection. Honey does gather data — the same way that Google and other tech companies gather information. They use the information to provide support for their services including verifying your transaction details to reward you Honey Gold , improve these services and create new ones to save users time and money.


If you feel uncomfortable with them collecting data, you can easily uninstall the app or extension. The extension has been around since Honey started. The mobile app was just released in February If you read the mobile app reviews, it looks like the app still has kinks.

Honey does not collect or change any personal or payment data. The only information Honey changes is testing coupon codes in the coupon box. If you would like to sign up for an account and benefit from collecting Honey Gold rewards and other features , you can click on the Google or Facebook icons or fill in your email and password and click Join with Email. When you shop through Honey, you can also get rewards called Honey Gold.

There are also Honey Gold bonuses, which are often time-sensitive bonuses that are offered occasionally. This will often be a cash back range. This is a neat feature! They even account for taxes, Prime status and shipping. To get a HoneyKey, you have to use the Honey extension regularly. Stop searching for coupon codes. Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply the best coupon codes to your shopping cart at over 10, stores.

Honey App Reviews 2018 – (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)

On Amazon discover the best time to buy with price history charts and alerts when your favorite products are on sale. Help us keep Honey working on all your favorite stores. If you have any trouble email us at info joinhoney. You can disable this in your extension preferences.

This is done on an as-needed basis with anonymized data only when it's necessary to credit Honey Gold rewards to our users. How are you enjoying Honey?